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Obsession 2005


The dictionary defines it as a bold display of skill, brilliance and great daring. Perfect.

How better to describe the Northcote Manor Festival of Food & Wine? Now back for its fifth consecutive year, it is already established as one of the brightest and most eagerly awaited events on the culinary calendar.

This is food elevated to performance art. Seven virtuoso chefs, entirely in their element. Each, in turn, commanding centre stage and delivering a tour de force. Chefs who come to Northcote Manor to share their passion for food with one of the most appreciative audiences in the country. Seven perfectionists, inspired by an amazing supporting cast and the warmth and charm of this idyllic setting.

From opening night to grand finale, this is an event to experience. A celebration of food at its exquisite best. And a memory that will linger fondly…until the next festival stirs the emotions all over again.

Monday 24th Jan

Eric Chavot

Tuesday 25th Jan

Sat Bains

Restaurant Sat Bains

Wednesday 26th Jan

Dieter Koschina

Thursday 27th January

Roy Brett

Seafood Restaurant

Friday 28th January

Phillip Howard

Thursday 29th Jan

Richard Corrigan

Lindsay House Restaurant

View Richard's Menu

Tuesday 25th January

Nigel Haworth

Northcote Manor

Craig Bancroft

Northcote Manor


Our sincere thanks to the sponsors of the 2004 Festival of Food & Wine.

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