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Obsession History

Obsession over 20 years

Culinary Excellence at Northcote since 2001

Obsession is Northcote’s annual homage to the finest food and wine, established since 2001 as one of Europe's premier gastronomic events with guest chefs travelling in from all over the world. Each chef takes over the Northcote kitchen for the night and challenges themselves to produce a unique Obsession Menu for the evening's guests in a food festival that is a showcase for great chefs, a celebration of great food and wine, and a meeting of friends.

You may expect an event of this profile to be in London or a major city, so we are proud to host such an event here in Lancashire. Many guests take a foodie pilgrimage to Northcote to be part of what has become known as the Glastonbury of the culinary world. Over 15 days, the restaurant will serve close to a monumental 10,000 perfectly presented and crafted plates of food. Only with the full commitment of everyone at Northcote can such a feat be repeated night after night, but this is what Obsession is – an annual fine dining festival – that has become everyone’s obsession

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