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Tsuyoshi Murakami

Saturday 31 January 2015

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Master Tsuyoshi Murakami considers “food is like poetry.” This assumption is conveyed with force and sensitivity in his cuisine which has seen him become an award winning chef in recent years. Born in the city of Hokkaido, Murakami left Japan as a child, moving to Rio de Janeiro with his family. As an adult he returned to his birthplace to improve his Japanese cooking skills, working at the Ozushi restaurant in Tokyo and then across the world to Shabu Shabu restaurant in New York and Kiyokata in Barcelona up until 1994.

Kinoshita Restaurant was opened over three decades ago by Toshio Kinoshita in the district of Liberadade in São Paulo, Brazil. Named after its founder the restaurant has been conquering the taste of many citizens of who are passionate about Japanese cuisine.

In 1995, Tsuyoshi Murakami, today Kinoshita’s son-in-law, joined the restaurant. With his unique talent and experience, gained from his travels around the world, he ‘spiced’ the restaurant with the introduction of daring seasoning but all the while retaining the roots of traditional Japanese gastronomy. Shortly afterwards a customer, faithful to Murakami’s flavours, invited him to open a new restaurant in the high class Vila Nova Conceição neighbourhood and the new Kinoshita was born and to crown the new restaurant Murakami introduced to Brazil the Kappo Cuisine concept. This is a style of Japanese haute cuisine using seasonal, often rare and exotic ingredients to create dishes that are light, simply cooked but highly sophisticated.

Murakami is a specialist in the creation of innovative dishes and his cooking style is characterized by its high-quality standards combined with the tastes and ingredients that entertain the palate, whilst retaining the original flavours of Japan.

The results are just perfect and Murakami seeks constantly to unveil the secrets of ingredient combinations to find the ideal tasting experience. His expertise in the development of the Kappo Cuisine style, Murakami believes the customer has to be emotionally touched by the food. “The dishes have somehow to surprise the customer, whether by the smell, vision or, of course, the tastes,” he says.


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