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Obsession 2012

"This will be our twelfth year of Obsession and each year I am as exited as the first time we started this incredible journey. There is a new generation of talent coming through the industry and we are never short of finding chefs who want to join our gallery of Obsession Chefs. We couldn't have predicted the way that Northcote - which sits in this rural part of Lancashire - would once a year become an epicentre for nationally and internationally celebrated chefs.

So, ten nights, eleven chefs and the twelfth Obsession Food and Wine Festival, book quickly and if you are lucky enough to secure a table enjoy every minute, we always do!" - Nigel

"We look forward to yet another superb ten days of culinary diversity and excellence . For me, and the wine team it is the challenge of matching so many wines to all the great menus that our guest chefs will conjure up, whilst ensuring we give our valuable guests the best possible experience . It's the ten days of the year where we all learn so much about each other and others, it's great fun, highly demanding and always topped with a sensational atmosphere. Nigel, I, and all the team are looking forward to meeting all our loyal supporters, guest chefs and our sponsors for another fabulous Obsession event, can't wait!" - Craig

Monday 23rd Jan

Claude Bosi

Evening's Sponsors:

Monday 24th Jan

Bryn Williams

Evening's Sponsors:

Wednesday 25th Jan

Madalene Bonvini-Hamel
& Lisa Allen

Thursday 26th Jan

Simon Rimmer

Evening's Sponsors:

Wednesday 27th Jan

Hans Neuner

Evening's Sponsors:

Saturday 28th Jan

Michael Smith

Evening's Sponsors:

Sunday 29th Jan

Aktar Islam

Evening's Sponsors:

Thursday 30th Jan

Tom Kerridge

Evening's Sponsors:

Tuesday 31st Jan

Antonin Bonnett

Evening's Sponsors:

Wednesday 1st Jan

Nigel Haworth

Evening's Sponsors:


We would like to say a very special thank you to our main sponsors this year for their sponsorship and their outstanding support.


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