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Obsession 2011

Following on from the success of last year’s 10-day long anniversary event celebrating 10 years of Obsession another 10-day event has now been planned for 2011.

“I want Obsession to be seen as this really interesting ,serious food festival that is a big treat for our customers. It’s a bonus for us that chefs want to come here – lots of our customers then go and try the different restaurants after they’ve been to the festival so it’s a two way street” Nigel

It really has become the food festival that everyone wants to do – the staff look forward to it, the customers look forward to it. It’s something to do at the end of January after we’ve all been through Christmas and there’s that lull. I love every minute of it. It’s such a band of brothers (and sisters) and it’s the ultimate accolade for Nigel – the respect for the event for the number of chefs wanting to do it. And from my point of view matching the wines is always a great challenge” Craig

Monday 24th Jan

Kenny Atkinson

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Tuesday 25th Jan

Martin Burge

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Wednesday 26th Jan

Mark Wishart

Evening's Sponsors:

Thursday 27th Jan

Simon Rogan

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Friday 28th January

Hugh Fearnley-

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Saturday 29th Jan

Lisa Allen & Claire Clark

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Sunday 30th Jan

James Martin

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Monday 31st Jan

Sat Bains

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Tuesday 1st Feb

Vivek Singh

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Wednesday 2nd Feb

Nigel Haworth

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We would like to say a very special thank you to The Wright Wine Company, Louis Roederer Champagne and Lakeland Willow Spring Water for their sponsorship and their outstanding support.


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