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The New Winter Tasting Menu

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With the arrival of Winter comes the new Tasting Menu by Lisa Goodwin-Allen.
As our executive chef, Lisa lives and breathes food; it is this passion that means she is always looking for interesting ingredients and techniques, and experimenting to create dishes where the ingredients and their flavour shine through. Her latest menu, which has just launched is all about taking diners on a journey. Each journey is different depending on the person with the aim of provoking memories and experiences from the beautifully matched flavours.

NORFOLK QUAIL Liver Slice, Orchard Apple, Prune

The menu opens with a celebration of delicate quail. Minced leg meat sits in the centre of the quail breast, flavoured with garlic and onions. Alongside is prune puree, dots of parsely oil, quail liver parfait and fresh Granny Smith apples with a further three apple elements: a gel, reduction and pureé.

Jerusalem-Artichoke,-Black-Truffle-(1)JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE, Black Truffle

A dish so good it has earned it’s place from the previous tasting menu! A showcase of artichoke displays the root vegetable in a myriad of different forms and textures, finished with black truffle.

Roasted-Veal-Sweetbread,-English-Onions-(5)ROASTED VEAL SWEETBREAD, English Onions

For the third plate on the menu, Veal is slow cooked in chicken stock with onion and thyme, and sits on onion cream which has been steamed. A shallot dressing and a flurry of pickled onions are added and the dish is complete with a scattering of hand-picked thyme.

Wild-Seabass,-Scarlet-Prawn-Bouillabaisse770x770WILD SEABASS, Scarlet Prawn “Bouillabaisse”, Tarragon

The vivid amber bouillabase really draws the eye into this plate. It’s made with tomato, peppers, mussel stock and the beautiful flavours of scarlet prawn stock. White wine and Pernod are added. The seabass is slow cooked in lemon juice and butter and is placed next to scarlet prawn butter croutons topped with parmesan. A delicate addition of tarragon oil and saffron mayonnaise add contrast to this stunning seabass.

Cumbrian-Mutton,-Mutton-Sausage,-Carrot,-Seville-Orange-(1)CUMBRIAN MUTTON, Mutton Sausage, Carrot, Seville Orange

Mutton may have fallen out of fashion recently, but with chefs like Lisa Goodwin-Allen revisiting forgotten foods and techniques, a classic meat is given her trademark twist to bring it right up to date. A trio of flavours you might not think to put together but Lisa says: “At this time of year, mutton is a fantastic meat to use. this dish makes it a hero, matched with orange and the carrot, it works really well.”
The sausage is coated on the top with crispy sourdough while the sand carrot is cooked in lamb fatand carrot juice and is given a crispy carrot top. Another flash of orange colour from the carrot puree and orange sauce, and it’s ready to be enjoyed.

Coconut,-Lime-&-Chocolate-(4)COCONUT, Lime and Chocolate

Lisa says: “I love a dish that takes you on a journey or provoke a memory, like this does for me. The three flavours in this dish are simple, but really pack a punch.”
It may conjour up visual reminders of a cold and frosty day, or your first taste of an iconic chocolate bar; this dish of treats are waiting to be discovered. Organic coconut mousse, lemongrass and lime jelly, coconut and 66% valrhona chocolate granita are nesting under a pretty coconut tuile. Foam and lime powder is added, scooped from the coconut shell.

Petits Fours (6)Petits Fours: Mirabelle, Smoked Toffee & Sarsaparilla

To complete the menu, Petit Fours are served with coffee. You may be immediately tempted by the sound of the smoked toffee chocolate. But the sarsaparilla evoking memories of the soft drink with its liquid centre and Austrian-inspired mirabelle (hazelnut, pistachio and amaretto) are equally appealing.

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