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Lisa’s Spring Tasting Menu

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Menus by Executive Chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen

Lisa’s new Menu is a taste of Spring.

A delicately presented first course opens Lisa’s Spring Tasting Menu. Spears of hand-harvested Wye Valley asparagus are gently charred and rest next to Leagram’s Day Old Curd. A puddle of sorrel pesto, crunchy toasted sourdough and a flourish of sorrel leaves christen the dish.

WYE-VALLEY-ASPARAGUS-Sheep’s-Curd,-Sorrel-(4)Wye Valley Asparagus, Sheep’s Curd, Sorrel

A marriage of beetroot and pigeon offers intense pink hues on this plate. A ribbon of beetroot is rolled into a rose shape, cooked in its own juice and steamed with salt to bring out the flavour. It sits on a beetroot juice and port puree, with thyme and beet powder. A mix of textures are offered by raw, pickled yellow ad candied beetroot. Then the main event; the pigeon which his cooked at 80° on the crown the retain as much flavour as possible, then scorched before serving to crisp up the skin. Verjus, beet juice and rapeseed is poured at the table as your senses are awakened to the aromas.

SQUAB-PIGEON-Beetroot,-Verjus-and-Thyme-(3)Squab Pigeon, Beetroot, Verjus & Thyme

Built on a foundation of Watercress sauce, Lisa’s take on a classic quiche is elevated to a new dimension. Shorrock’s Lancashire bomb cheese with cheese cream amd bacon jelly sit inside the shortcrust pastry case, topped chives and crispy bacon. The vibrant sauce is dotted with bacon cream and fresh wilted watercress, which is is served with with a bit of table theatre.

LANCASHIRE-CHEESE-“QUICHE”-Smoked-Bacon,-Watercress-(11)Lancashire Cheese ‘Quiche’, Smoked Bacon & Watercress


The stunning Chalk Stream Trout is first salted in seaweed & salt for one hour. A frozen butter of Clam and Mussel with herbs and salt is grated on top of the trout. Clam, cream, butter, stock are combined for the sauce that the trout sits in and the dish is finished with Chervil oil, scorched and pickled cucumber and a Samphire garnish.

WARM-CURED-CHALK-STREAM-TROUT-Clam-Butter,-Cucumber,-Samphire-(4)Warm Cured Chalk Steam Trout, Clam Butter, Cucumber, Samphire

Many methods come together to give a melody of textures, starting with the grilled Rose Beef which is charred. A Faggot meatball made from veal trim, veal liver, wild garlic and smoked marrowbone is wrapped in thin pasta and glazed with veal sauce, then topped with crispy shallots & foraged wild garlic.
Jersey royals are steamed and layered in a terrine with their crispy skins on top. Gremolata of chopped wild garlic, parsley, chervil finished with lemon syrup adds a splash of colour and fresh flavour and aubergine & onion puree brings a sweet, creamy contrast to the fresh herbs.

Charcoal Grilled Rose Beef,Wild Garlic Gremolata, Jersey Royals, Shoots

A fresh, citrus dessert completes the menu with a frozen element to add extra zing. Caramelised puff pastry pieces proudly display the lemon and crème fraiche mousse as the lace-like poppy seed tuile rests atop the mousse. The next layer is the Amalfi lemon granita and more puff pastry shards. Caramelised puff pastry puree and lemon and butter syrup give a mix of cream, sweet and sour flavours on the side and a flurry of poppy seed powder adds a new depth to complete.

“MILLE-FEUILLE”-Amalfi-Lemon,-Poppy-(5)‘Mille Feuille’, Amalfi Lemon, Poppy

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