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Digging deeper in the Northcote garden

Posted in Garden on 14th Aug 2018 by Northcote | Leave a comment
Lisa's Strawberry

Have you ever looked at one of Lisa Goodwin Allen’s dishes and wondered how it started life?

Long before the strawberries were ripe for picking for her latest dessert creation, our garden team were hard at work early in the year preparing the land to make the fruits flourish in our garden along with other fruits, vegetables, salad and herbs that are all grown on site to be enjoyed in Lisa’s dishes or in your favourite cocktail from the bar.

Here’s head gardener Phill Dewhurst in February talking through the preparations for growing produce…

Strawberries in the early summer in the Northcote garden

As Spring came around and the weather improved, it was time to start planting the seeds that will become ingredients later in the year.

This year among the crops, salsify was planted to be harvested in the autumn. Phill shows us how he grows the root from seed…

Our thanks to Graham Barnes and media production students and staff at Blackburn College for producing the videos.

• Want to know more about our gardens? Read head gardener Phill’s spring blog here.

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